Doms of Crave County

Doms of Crave County Series

Welcome to the town of Crave County, Pennsylvania.  Where…love is all you need to have to survive.

Crave County was established by several kinky friends where they could be free to live their kinky lifestyle without FEAR. This  town is where you are free to love life to the fullest, practice your kinky lifestyle, in a safe, sane and consensual way.  Where there’s no judgment allowed.  But ménage is always welcome.

One curvy, redheaded attorney; two sexy twins. Sometimes you must face your demons head on…

Determined to forget a dark secret in her past, Charlotte Maxwell left home when she turned eighteen, immersed herself in textbooks, and eventually launched a successful career as a prominent New York attorney. Isolating herself from family, friends and co-workers, she allows depression, fear, and most of all sexual tension to build up inside her, mind, body, and soul.

Eight years later, she’s forced to return to her hometown of Crave County, where everyone lives some sort of kinky lifestyle, her parents being amongst the many. Tasked with adjudicating her parents’ estate after their unfortunate deaths, Charlotte’s hidden demons begin to resurface and along with her attraction for two of the hottest businessman ever to steam up a room.

Mackenzie and Dillon Ryder were born and raised in Crave County. Practicing what the town preaches has always been a part of who they are. Despite their mutual cravings for the feisty redhead, they have always considered Charlotte Maxwell off limits. These two sexual dominates have been searching for their missing puzzle piece since high school. No submissive has come close to completing their circle, not until Charlotte needs them to rescue her. Not only is she the answer they’ve been looking for, but she too has been secretly pining for them. Will fate bring these three together, or will their insecurities separate them for good. Buy Links:  Amazon Kindle Unlimited

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One curvy, blonde waitress; One sexy chef; One hot restaurant manager. Together they make a recipe for love!

Gloria Jean Fitzpatrick carries a dark horse not only etched within her mind, but branded on her skin as a permanent reminder of the abuse she has suffered. After ending a three year long abusive D/s relationship, she believes her days of submission are over.

Heart broken, wounded, and alone, she devotes her waking hours to taking care of her disabled brother, working crazy shifts at the local diner, and over indulging in life’s finest pleasures, sweets.

Carefully guarding her heart, Gloria watches as her two closest male friends continue to dominate other submissives.  Dreaming of much more than friendship, she makes the hardest decision of her life, but will her hidden demons hold her back?

Greg and Curtis O’Malley are no strangers to the art of domination and have been dominating willing submissives together for years. Life for these two sexy cousins has surely had its ups and downs. Dishing up savory meals at Maxwell Diner is only one of Greg O’Malley special gifts, his other… dominating a willing submissive.

Escaping the big city to manage Maxwell Diner was a life changing move for Curtis O’Malley. Now his quest to find the perfect submissive to complete his and George’s nexus may finally be over, but will Gloria’s past come back to haunt their happiness?

The Doms of Crave County series contains mature themes including heart pounding action, suspense, graphic violence, and a lot of steamy hot sex with multiple partners.

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